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Swimming, seven tips to improve performance immediately!

Swimming, seven tips to improve performance immediately!

Swimming, seven tips to improve performance immediately!

Try the departures in training

The technical start-up gesture is not very difficult to learn but must be repeated at each workout, to perfect it and make it become a mechanical habit to exploit in the race. Entering the water in the best way to get a boost and an effective start is the basis of a good race. Imagine always hitting the famous hole of the life jacket that you use when you learn to dive and take a tapered trim as possible, it helps to set a valid start. Repeat with each workout, without delay or pressure.

Perform the turns in training in search of perfection

The turns represent a recharge moment for speed. They are not a moment of rest, nor a moment in which to breathe again, but a phase of competition in which to “rekindle” the speed and this is why it is important to go hard from the wall at every turn, repeating the technical gesture each time training, always looking for the best turn. This will help to improve this important competition phase and to accustom the body to the technical gesture to be used in the race, then they load the whole body on the knees, as when jump, and the position of stramline is assumed as quickly as possible, thus making the most of the thrust of pushing out of the turn.

Perform the finish

Many swimmers have the bad habit of not completing the tank at the end of a repetition, an error of lightness not just. Training is also called training, not by chance, but because it is the moment in which our performance is formed, in all its aspects, also for the arrival. It is not enough to try some arrival at the end of training to perfect the technique, because remember that the mind must be trained and to get used to it without thinking too much about performing an effective finish, that does not make us lose hundredths of important seconds in the race, it is appropriate to perform the arrival at the end of each repetition.

Cures breathing

Breathing is one of the most delicate phases of a swim, because it conditions the swim itself and the rhythm with which it is sustained. Practicing effective breathing means first of all maintaining a constant and regular rhythm of expiration, without ever holding your breath. Holding your breath, after inhaling, or holding carbon dioxide, would lead to not having a good breathing rhythm and consequently to break the pace of swimming continually, because you would always have the feeling of not having enough air, feeling the need to breathe in more. On the other hand, inhaling and exhaling slowly is the right way to perform breathing during a swim, because it will make better use of the oxygen that we remember is the muscle fuel. Try to perform the breathing phase correctly in each workout.

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